Dumfries and Galloway Standard
13 March 1915
School Board member Imprisoned

In Paisley Police Court Robert Dermid Brown, who lives in Park House, Oakshaw, was charged with having, from the premises at 92 High Street, stolen two lavatory basins and two wooden seats. The premises in question are the Globe Hotel, which the Burgh School Board have acquired for offices and other purposes, and Mr Brown is a member of the Board and convener of the Works Committee. When furniture and other articles were sold by auction the Board purchased fittings, as also did Mr Brown. The disappearance of the basins some time afterwards was reported to the police. Suspicion fell on Mr Brown, and they followed him to his house, where he produced the lost articles. His defence was that he had purchased one of them, and that the man who brought it to him had brought two by mistake. Bailie Lochhead found the charge proven. He commented on Brown being in a position of responsibility as a member of the School Board, and said it was a public scandal that a member of a public Board should be capable of conduct of this kind or that anyone capable of conduct of this kind should be a member of a public Board. He sentenced accused to 30 days' imprisonment.

Dundee Courier
15 March 1955
Shakespeare may have been in Dundee – Mr Robertson

Was Shakespeare ever in Dundee? Mr Alec Robertson, Dundee optician, playwright, and broadcaster, thinks there is a fifty-fifty chance that he was. Yesterday Mr Robertson addressed members of Dundee Women Citizens' Association on one of his favourite subjects – 'The Theatre in Dundee'.

In 1601, he said, James VI learned that Queen Elizabeth of England had a company of players at her Court. He invited them to Scotland, and they appeared in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. They were Lawrence Fletcher's company. Fletcher was a great friend of Shakespeare's, and there was a strong chance that Shakespeare was a member of the company. As was the custom, the company probably made a one-night stand in Dundee on its way from Edinburgh to Aberdeen.

Dundee's first theatre was the Theatre Royal, which opened in Yeaman Shore in 1800. The play was 'The Merchant of Venice'. A new Theatre Royal was built in 1808 and opened two years later. The bust of Shakespeare can still be seen above the shop in Castle Street where it stood. Mrs R N Paton presided and Mrs G Behrens voiced thanks.

The Scotsman
16 March 1910
Orders Placed on the Clyde

The Admiralty have today placed the order for the two cruiser-battleships which are to be built for the New Zealand and Australian Governments. Both of these ships are to be built on the Clyde – the one by Messrs John Brown & Co of Clydebank, and the other by the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Govan. These vessels are to be of the Indefatigable class, and when completed will cost about £1,800,000. It is particularly appropriate that the Clyde, which has taken such a large part in naval development, should be entrusted with this important order.

Rothesay Chronicle
17 March 1883
Isle of Cumbrae

Splendid weather has now set in and under the genial influence of recent rains and bright sunshine the buds are beginning to appear on trees and shrubs and many plants are tinged with green. Prayers are offered up daily in the Cathedral and in St Andrews for the Right Rev. Dr Mackarness, Bishop of Argyle and the Isles, who is lying dangerously ill at Brighton. The bishop is greatly respected in the diocese. The fine sailing yacht Rival is being fitted out for the Summer, at her moorings. A Provisional Committee is being formed for building a new pier at the east end of the burgh. It will be in the same style as that at Kilchattan and will be erected at Capel Point, where the water is very deep. Mr Wishart, builder, has feued about three acres of ground in the vicinity of where the pier is to be, and it is stated that a fine inn will be erected as soon as the pier is completed. The Right Hon, the Earl and Countess of Glasgow are expected at the Garrison next month.

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