Orkney Herald
4 April 1865
Elgin – Forging a certificate of Death

On Friday week, before Sheriff-Substitute Smith, Archibald Farquharson Merchant, for some time agent in Elgin for the Scottish Legal Burial and Loan Society, was charged with forging and uttering a forged medical certificate of death, regarding his son Archibald Merchant, a boy fourteen years of age. The certificate stated that the boy's death was the result of 'spine' disease, and purported to be signed by 'James Dunlopp, surgeon, Dunbar'. The boy's life being insured to the extent of £9 in the society represented by the prisoner, he, immediately after forwarding the forged certificate to the secretary of the society, took credit for the amount named, the boy being in good health and residing in Aberdeen. Prisoner pleaded guilty to the charge as libelled, and was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment.

St Andrews Citizen
7 April 1923
Domestic Service

The reluctance of girls to undertake domestic work has influenced the introduction of labour-saving ideas in the construction of the modern house. The house with a cellar and three or four flights of stairs was considered quite the thing in Victorian times, but it would be avoided today by housewives if there was any choice in the matter. Unfortunately, more manageable houses do not induce girls to take up domestic employment, but the fault lies as much with mistresses as with maids. If more consideration was shown for domestic servants, if they were not always at somebody's beck and call, and made to feel that they belonged to the lowest social caste, domestic service would not be the only occupation open to women that is not overcrowded.

Dumfries and Galloway Standard
8 April 1857
A Wonderful Parrot

There resides in its cage, Nith Place, Dumfries, a very beautiful grey parrot, more than twenty-six years old; but it is not on account of its graceful shape, fine plumage, or patriarchal age that we wish to notice the feathered pet, but because it has laid a number of eggs – an exceedingly rare thing for parrots in this cold climate. Poll first astonished her mistress by dropping an egg fully two months ago, and at intervals of a week or a fortnight the process has been repeated, till, in all, six eggs have been produced. The eggs of parrots when living in a wild state are speckled, while those of the parrot at Nith Place are pure white. They are larger than pigeon's eggs, and as pretty objects of the kind as we ever witnessed.

The Scotsman
9 April 1936
Hebridean Woman Fatally Injured in London: Remarkable Reunion with Old Friend in Street

Natives of adjacent villages in the Hebrides, two women grew up together and to live in London many years ago, but gradually drifted apart and did not see one another for three years. One day, one of them saw a crowd in Oxford Street, gathered round a woman who had slipped and broken a leg in crossing the road. It was her childhood friend. Three weeks later the injured woman died in hospital, and the story of the reunion of the friends, which was so quickly broken by death, was told at a Paddington inquest yesterday on Miss Anne McDonald (65), of Shawfield Street, Chelsea. Her friend, Miss Christine Ann McLeod, of Portland Square, said to Dr P Barlow, the Coroner: 'I was walking along Oxford Street when I noticed a crowd standing round a woman lying on the pavement. I recognised my old friend. She told me that she had slipped while crossing the road'. A verdict of 'Accidental death' was returned.

Kirkintilloch Gazette
9 April 1915
Spring Flowers

We welcome the primrose, the daffodil, the whin, and some other flowers that are now making a gallant effort to shed their blooms and make beautiful an otherwise bleak and dreary countryside. Spots of white, and black and white, are also appearing in the parks. On the lower hill sides these spots represent lambs, which are now quite a large family in Campsie district.

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