Just a few weeks into Trump’s presidency, writes George Neumayr in the
conservative magazine American Spectator, the 'elitist hue and cry' of the campaign has resurfaced, trying to hector the people into seeing Trump as a bully. Neumayr castigates 'out-of-touch journalists' who speak gravely of a presidency in crisis; 'glib pundits and pollsters' who discredited themselves with predictions of Trump’s demise during the campaign and who now pretend to ponder if his presidency can be saved; and 'effete Republicans, who won on his coat-tails' and who now gossip about his mental health and
second-guess his every move.

'Who cares?', asks Neumayr. 'If anything, this non-stop gibbering plays into Trump’s hands, turning him into a perpetual underdog. An elite that calls him a bully, then blesses the bullies of the left, only makes him look sympathetic. An elite that calls him crazy, then laughs at sick parodies of Kellyanne Conway on Saturday Night Live, only looks unhinged. An elite that calls him extreme, then treats common sense as controversial and rudimentary nationalism as fascism, looks unserious'.

In the mainstream of American political commentary, Time magazine’s Joe Klein writes more charitably of Trump than most. It is apparent, says Klein, that Trump actually has a governing ideology. His inaugural address, 'the strongest and most coherent speech he’s ever delivered' was a clear statement of his philosophy and deserved better than the dismissal it received from liberals.

Klein singles out two of the policy themes, what Trump regards as the unacceptable subsidy of foreign industry and America’s protection of other nations’ borders. 'Both are more complicated questions than they’ve been made to appear by those of us in the establishment commentariat...These are crucial questions, without clear answers. It is good that Trump has raised them'.

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