Robert Reich, labor secretary in the Clinton administration, now professor of public policy at Berkeley, has a piece in the American journal In These Times about Trump’s 'scary' reorganisation of the National Security Council. Trump has elevated to membership of the council his chief political strategist Steve Bannon and demoted the diretor of national intelligence and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who will no longer attend meetings automatically.

Reich points out that political strategists have never before been members of the National Security Council, a body which is supposed to give presidents non-partisan, factual advice.

'In case you forgot', writes Reich, 'before joining Donald Trump’s inner circle Bannon headed Breitbart News, a far-right media outlet that has promoted conspiracy theories and is a platform for the alt-right movement, which espouses white nationalism...Here’s the big worry: Trump is unhinged and ignorant. Bannon is nuts and malicious. If not supervised by the joint chiefs of staff, their decisions could endanger the world'.

He concludes: 'Trump’s and Bannon’s version of America alienating America from the rest of the world, destroying our nation’s moral authority abroad, and risking everything we love about our country. Unsupervised by people who know what they’re doing, Trump and Bannon could also bring the world closer to a nuclear holocaust'.

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