There are already plenty of grounds to impeach Trump, argues Robert Kuttner in the Huffington Post. The question is when Republicans will decide that he’s more of a liability than an asset.

Kuttner outlines an impeachment scenario that, to him, looks increasingly plausible:

'Republicans stick with Trump for a while, as he delivers goodies like deregulation of gas, oil, and Wall Street; tax cuts; school privatisation; gutting of labor protection; and at least one rightwing Supreme Court justice. But at some point, the GOP leadership concludes that he is just too bizarre, too much of a hazard for setting off wars, both trade wars and hot ones, and too much of a risk for 2018. So they decide to ditch him in favor of Vice President Pence, who is a more conventional far-right conservative and not a certifiable whack-job. I’m told by one source that this is already being discussed in senior Republican circles'.

Kuttner says they could do this either via impeachment, a protracted process, or they could move more quickly via the 25th Amendment to have Trump certified as impaired, and 'take him out in a net'. Republicans would then get the credit for ridding America of an unstable would-be dictator and regroup under Pence in time to limit the damage in the 2018 election.

'Hold on', asks Kuttner, 'do we really want President Pence? Well, we certainly want to be rid of President Trump. That might actually be something the two parties could agree upon'.

Brian Beutler writes in the New Republic that, only weeks into his presidency, Trump is exceedingly disliked and growing more so. His capacity to run the government with any competence has been questioned not just by supporters of the last administration, but by Karl Rove, Joe Scarborough, anonymous GOP officials, and other natural allies. 'In a way', says Beutler, 'his administration enjoys continuity with his dark horse presidential campaign, which was similarly beset by incompetence, melodrama, and criticism'.

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