SR Archive 2017

Wednesday 4 January

Brian Wilson: A hard border with England?
Walter Humes's Diary

Q&A: The Bailey Gwynne report
Cafe: Neil McLennan

Thursday 5 January

Rachel Sharp: The depressed generation
Anthony Seaton: Pull the other one
Cafe: Rose Galt and Anthony Kozlowski
Lighthouse: Life after a revolution

Friday 6 January

Kenneth Roy: Who said liberals were nice?
Alasdair McKillop: And the Band played on
Morelle Smith: Brutality and beauty (book review)
Cafe: Shona Quayle, Bill Nicol, David McGill and Alex Wood

Monday 9 January

Kenneth Roy: Would you lift a finger to save the British mainstream press?
Walter Humes's Diary
Donald S Murray: Loss (poem)
Cafe: James Wilkie

Tuesday 10 January

Gerry Hassan: The problem with Scotland's peaceful revolution
Kenneth Roy's Notebook: Passing thoughts on the Queen and others
Cafe: Quintin Jardine, Peter MacAulay and David Cross
Lighthouse: Why Trump will go to war

Wednesday 11 January

Amy Jardine: Like the end of the world
David Torrance: Journey's end
Barbara Millar: Chic city with a dark past
Cafe: Sandy Gunn and Jonathan Callaway
Islay McLeod: New Year in Scotland

Thursday 12 January

Anthony Seaton: Why do we decry experts?
Kenneth Roy: Obsession – the story of a literary affair
Ian Mackenzie: Small miracle on a winter Sprinter
Cafe: Manfredi La Manna and Robert Anderson

Friday 13 January

Ronnie Smith: The destructive force we call faith
Kenneth Roy: Phew, what a scorcher! Sorry, make that a white hell
Andrew Hook: Scotland's celebrity explorer
Rachel Sharp: The noisy museum

Monday 16 January

Andrew Hook: We're heading for Trump-like universities in the UK
Kenyon Wright: The case for a two question referendum
Walter Humes's Diary
Len Quart: A year in Ohio

Tuesday 17 January

Kenneth Roy: Did we really know what we were voting for?

Cafe: Stuart Robertson, Joe Cryans and Sandy Gunn
Lighthouse: First hours in the White House
Peter Peacock: Landowners have rights. How about responsibilities?

Wednesday 18 January

Kenneth Roy: The myth of Scotland as a beacon of humane enlightenment
Gerry Hassan: Could Scotland be reduced to the status of a region?
Cafe: Marc Lambert, Peter Twyman and Laura Dunlop
Rachel Sharp: The trick is to remain sceptical
The dustbin of history

Thursday 19 January

George Robertson: The route to calamity

Manfredi La Manna: It may be time to invest in a pair of Virtuous Reality goggles
Cafe: Ron Ferguson, Angus Skinner, Anthony Seaton and Archie Hamilton
Ian Mackenzie: A power cut in Forsinard
The dustbin of history

Friday 20 January

Brian Wilson: Land grabs

Alasdair McKillop: Out with grace, out with dignity
Alexander Craig: Narcissist-in-chief
Rachel Sharp: Blah Blah Land (film review)
The dustbin of history

A Scottish Review special investigation into the mysterious life and death of Annie Borjesson

The girls on the bridge
A Scottish Review special investigation into
the tragic deaths of Naimh Lafferty and
Georgia Rowe