Private Charles MacDonald, 6th Seaforths, was killed in action in 1918. His body was never found. This letter to a family member in Tiree was written a hundred years ago this Christmas Day while he was waiting to go to France.

A Company
2/6 Seaforths


Dear Effie

I have just received your letter and card and as this is Xmas day it is in good time. I am glad to know that everybody far and near is in good health. The weather is very cold here too but we had no snow so far. I have had a letter from Peggie not long since.

However I must not forget to thank you very much for your card and I think the verse of Gaelic song it contains is fine. I wonder who 'E McD' is?

Donald wrote to me telling of his present work. It is a pity it would not last till the end of the war.

I hope that some of the good times we once had will come back after this horror has passed away. Surely the world will be wiser and never again allow such a madness to overtake it. It is terrible to think that millions of people should be sacrificed when the whole question could easily be settled by arbitration. I hope that there is truth in the rumours of an an early peace that is so much talked about at present.

I hope the parcel arrives without damage. I see some arriving here in a fairly battered condition. They tell us that we are to have a Xmas dinner today. I can’t say what it will be like. Of course this is a holiday and that itself is something.

I don’t think I can say any more at present except to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if such things are possible at a time like this.

With love to all and best wishes


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