14 July 2016

Where is the 'precious, precious bond' now?'
Kenneth Roy

The absurd idea that Scottish values are different
Andrew Hook

After the crisis, what will it take to be a successful leader?
Gerry Hassan

Scotland's dour mask at the result hides a Cheshire Cat grin
Alasdair McKillop

12 July 2016

The illusion that we can 'have our country back'
Ronnie Smith

How is the moral vacuum to be filled?
Carol Craig

Suddenly I feel proud to be Scottish
Alice Florence Orr

7 July 2016

The anger isn't just about Iraq and Blair
Gerry Hassan on the Chilcot report

Independence now? Two conflicting views
Bill Mitchell and Dick Mungin

The Cafe
A selection of views from SR readers

6 July 2016

God could be a minister in the new government
Kenneth Roy

5 July 2016

The UK government has become a disgrace to humanity
Kenneth Roy

4 July 2016

The British press and its brutal abuse of power
Kenneth Roy

First Britons, Last Britons: a post-referendum poem
James Aitchison

1 July 2016

Theresa opens her campaign with two whoppers
Kenneth Roy

30 June 2016

I'm glad my Polish dad isn't around to see what is happening
Catherine Czerkawska

Words of hatred as I walk down a busy Union Street
Shahid Khan

Silver linings of the Brexit cloud
Karolina Gombert

How Brexit threatens Scottish sport
Grant Jarvie

The Cafe
A selection of views from
Morelle Smith, Jean Barr, Alasdair McKillop, Angus Skinner and many others

29 June 2016

How the England I knew and loved made Brexit possible
Kenneth Roy

The immigration issue could soon erupt in Scotland too
John Scott

28 June 2016

We are witnessing the death rites of Labour
Gerry Hassan

Cold beans from a tin: a personal memory of Jeremy Corbyn
Barbara Millar

23 June 2016: the day the British Empire finally expired
Dennis Smith

Am I still wanted in this country that I call home?
Rebecca Gebauer

Anger won't help us now. But I am grateful to the Scottish people
Henri de Ruiter

27 June 2016

Random noises in the wilderness
Kenneth Roy

The UK parliament should reject the decision of the masses
Anthony Seaton

An expert view: we face medium-term economic pain
Alan McIntyre

We must not allow this deplorable result to wreck the UK
R D Kernohan

It's like moving house. But to a house that isn't yet built
Katie Grant

24 June 2016

Scotland is on its own. The UK is finished
Kenneth Roy

Pull together? Exactly how is that supposed to work?
Walter Humes

Let's have another referendum. But not just yet
Eileen Reid and others

'Get back to Lithuania': the new life for England's migrants
Bob Cant

On this life-altering day, I think sadly of Budapest
Alice Florence Orr

An open letter to the editor from a Brexiteer
Bill Jamieson

The effective reality of being the Scottish free state
Chris Harvie

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Day after day explanations for the Brexit vote multiply. I agree that many Leave voters rejected globalisation. I accept that what united many disillusioned working class voters in the north with older, backward-looking, shire Tories were socially conservative views. But that apparent consensus masks quite different motivations people had for voting Leave.

How is the moral vacuum to be filled?

Today, after a brief affair, Britain has turned her rudder to continental Europe once more, currently the world’s largest trading block. We have our country back and from behind her newly-controlled borders and at the behest of a majority who appear to have little understanding of economics, she will seek, so we are told, to re-establish direct trade agreements in the wider world. What are the prospects of this actually happening, what does Britain have to trade?

The illusion that we can 'have our country back'

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