SR Archive 2017

Kenneth Roy: A meditation on Manchester

Kenneth Roy: The day journalism in Scotland hit a new low
David Torrance: The man who pulled Theresa May apart
R D Kernohan: Why I'd like Labour to do well
Walter Humes: The two fishwives of Scottish politics
Gerry Hassan: The shadow cast by London hangs over us all
Nannie Sköld: Anyone drinking this tea in G40?
Cafe: Richard Burton and Peter Stewart-Blacker
Josh Moir: A thought for General Assembly week
Rachel Sharp: Govanhell
Ron Ferguson: The bird that saved my team from oblivion
Islay McLeod: The Local
WHS McIntyre: Sometimes it pays to plead guilty
Bob Cant: From worst to best – the progress of gay Scotland
Bob Smith's Views

Kenneth Roy: Welcome to the new tabloid: the BBC
David Torrance: Stag do at a monastery
Cafe: Bernard Cohen, Chris Brittain, James McNie, Alison Campbell and Tommy McGrory
Alastair Stewart: The simulation of madness
Gerry Hassan: Sorry – In Scotland, it seems to be the hardest word
Walter Humes: The anonymous insiders of Scottish education
Nannie Sköld: 'The captain has decided not to land'
Rachel Sharp: I've just survived my annual Eurovision party
Alan McIntyre: Lisbon nights
R D Kernohan: In search of Luther
Islay McLeod: The Local
Bob Smith's Views
Jack Davidson: The best golf teacher of all time?

Jane Hamilton: A whistle-blower's story
Ronnie Smith: The return of tribal Scotland
David Torrance: The mandate game
Bob Smith's Views
Gerry Hassan: How well is the SNP handling its own power?
Walter Humes: Someone our leaders would do well to emulate
Nannie Sköld: Who are the real aliens?
Rachel Sharp: Imposter syndrome
R D Kernohan: Czech mates
Barbara Millar: A cross of nails
Islay McLeod: The Local

Gerry Hassan: Scotland's awful politics
The Midgie's weekly awards with Bob Smith
John McGrath: How the Scottish Greens managed to not mention the environment once
David Torrance: Scraping the barnacles
Walter Humes: Am I becoming a media tart?
Nannie Sköld: The darker mysteries of public transport
Rachel Sharp: So many do you choose?
Cafe: Andrew Hook, Bill Sweeney and Foster Evans
R D Kernohan: Excursion to Camelot
Islay McLeod: The Local
Morelle Smith: The real story behind May Day
George Robertson: Islay's amazing captain

Wednesday 26 April

Kenneth Roy: The wrong note
The Midgie's weekly awards
Andrew Hook: A second referendum? Just call me a snowflake
Walter Humes: Alternative versions of despair
Gerry Hassan: The final whistle
Rachel Sharp: Boring but beautiful
Nannie Sköld: If we're in a jam, it must be the fault of the asylum seekers
Michael Elcock: The brave who never told
Ronnie Smith: French connections
Maggie Craig: Main Street, USA
Islay McLeod: The Local
Jean Barr: Split screen
Bob Smith's Views
Alasdair McKillop: Winter Spring

Wednesday 19 April

Barbara Millar: Beyond the door
Election 2017: Your weekly cut out and keep guide
Nannie Sköld: To nerf or not to nerf?
Walter Humes: An incriminating document I decide not to shred
Gerry Hassan: The two nationalisms
Rachel Sharp: I'm not in Vogue
Cafe: Edwin Moore, Archie Hamilton, Hector MacQueen and Elizabeth Roberts
Alan McIntyre: Luddite Trump is trying to turn back the clock
R D Kernohan: But they all speak English, don't they?
Islay McLeod: The Local
Maxwell MacLeod: My best pal for two hours
Alasdair McKillop: Somehweres and Anywheres

Wednesday 12 April

Kenneth Roy: Nicola Sturgeon as the saviour of Scotland
The Midgie: When is a village not a village?
Walter Humes: Britain's subsidised care home
Nannie Sköld: Now the refugee kids have less than nothing
Gerry Hassan: The Left's big problem as Labour heads for the rocks
Rachel Sharp: Nostalgia ain't what it used to be
Anthony Seaton: Has the country gone mad?
Cafe: Bill Paterson, Catherine Czerkawska, Elga Graves and Maggie Mellon
Andrew Hook: Concerns on the campus
Islay McLeod: The Local
Bob Cant: Incident on Iona
James Robertson: A sense of borrowed time
Bob Smith's Views

Wednesday 5 April

Kenneth Roy: The last acts of Scotland's do-nothing parliament
The Midgie: Which one is Theresa May?
Nannie Sköld: Surreal meeting in a train station
Walter Humes: Why did she turn down Bernard Ponsonby
Gerry Hassan: Keep calm, but we're not carrying on
Rachel Sharp: Am I hungry? Always
Barbara Millar: The naked truth in Dunoon
Graham Ogilvy: Among our vile incomers
Ronnie Smith: The politics of grievance is a dead end
Islay McLeod: The Local
Jean Barr: A dark comedy about sexual violence
Andrew Hook: Beeb battles
Bob Smith's Views

Wednesday 29 March

SR investigation: Yulia – suicide or murder?
Kenneth Roy: Armed cops? I live with them every day
Nannie Sköld: Return to the camp
Walter Humes: When do we succumb to the robots?
Gerry Hassan: Imagine a Scotland where the SNP didn't exist
Rachel Sharp: We are wired for embarrassment
The Midgie: It's almost time to hug a newsperson
Reiner Luyken: What is 'poor' about where I live?
Maggie Mellon: How the state makes a bad parent in Scotland
Islay McLeod: The Local
Andrew Hook: Journey from Dundee (book review)
Barbara Millar: How to save a library
Bob Smith's Views

Wednesday 22 March

Kenneth Roy: Rape and the men who get away with it
The Midgie: A Mexican standoff and other clichés
Nannie Sköld: Could I have some organic oat milk, please?
Walter Humes: Looking forward to the campaign?
Gerry Hassan: When did Scotland catch up with the swinging sixties?
Rachel Sharp: The question I'll be asking my nephew
Katie Grant: Hug a dolphin? Let's kick the bucket list
Cafe: John W Cairns, Christopher Harvie, Chris Attkins, Bernie Cohen and Robert Hoskins
Howie Firth: How can we make science more exciting?
Islay McLeod: The Local
Graham Ogilvy: Fear on the Piazza Maggiore
Alasdair McKillop: The wasp in his eye


A Scottish Review special investigation into the mysterious life and death of Annie Borjesson

The girls on the bridge
A Scottish Review special investigation into
the tragic deaths of Naimh Lafferty and
Georgia Rowe